A good smartphone is a necessity, but there are just so many in the market. The right smartphone for you depends on your needs. Do you want it for clicking pictures? Gaming? A powerful phone to handle your work on the go? And there is the budget to consider. In this article, you can find details on the top smartphones coming this year based on their affordability, specs, etc.

Top Smartphones coming this year

1. iPhone 12 Pro
Perhaps the best in the list of the top smartphones coming this year is the iPhone 12 Pro. The incredible things about this smartphone include its sleek, futuristic design, and powerful A14 Bionic processor. Unlike other models in its range, it’s super-durable thanks to its tougher Ceramic Shield display. It’s also got the best camera quality thanks to the TrueDepth camera design and the main sensor, which allows more light. The Night Mode technology and telephoto lens combination make it easier to take pictures in low light. The battery lasts for 9 hours on 5G, and the internal memory is 128G expandable up to 512GB.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra
If Apple isn’t your first choice, then the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is among the best top smartphones coming this year in the Android category. Its amazing 50x zoom camera and laser autofocus put the camera quality on par with the iPhone. The Snapdragon 865 Plus processor makes it super powerful too. The 10-hour battery life is also slightly better than the iPhone’s. We like how the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra comes with a stylus pen as well. The 20Hz refresh rate is great for gaming and surfing the internet.

3. OnePlus 8 Pro
Looking for something more affordable? Then you should check out the OnePlus 8 Pro smartphone. It has a Snapdragon 865 processor, just like the more expensive Android phones on this list. Plus, the 11-hour battery life is considerably better. The rear camera with a wide 48MP lens, 8MP 3X telephoto lens, and 5MP color filter gives you amazing photos as well. This phone comes with a responsive, curved 6.78-inch OLED display. It wins brownie points by offering wireless charging at its price. But the smartphone doesn’t support 5G, so that’s a big drawback.

4. Moto G Power
If you’re looking for a simple smartphone with extended battery life, the Moto G Power is the one for you. The Snapdragon 665 processor and 4GB RAM is great for light gaming, browsing, or working. But what makes this smartphone unique is the super-powerful 5,000 mAh battery that provides over 16 hours of battery life. At a price tag of $249, it is also among the cheaper top smartphones coming this year.

Based on several factors like screen responsiveness, durability, camera quality, price, and more, you can conclude that the iPhone 12 is the best among the top smartphones coming this year. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 comes a close second. Before buying a model, we suggest waiting for the discount season to make things easier on your wallet. You can also consider going for SIM-only deals offered by service providers.