Robot vacuums have come far, from being a futuristic dream to current reality. Sweeping and dusting, especially with a bulky vacuum, can get tiresome, but robot vacuums can clean your home while you cuddle up with your book on the cozy couch. These are hassle-free vacuums without cords and wires, and you can choose from several models. Top-rated robot vacuums come with features like CPU, lasers, high-tech sensors, and even artificial intelligence-based software.

Given here is a list of the top four robot vacuums:

1. iRobot Roomba S9 Plus
With a price tag of $1,100, the iRobot Roomba S9 Plus isn’t just among the top-rated robot vacuums, but it is also the costliest. That said, the device packs a powerful punch. It has a high-tech suction system and can easily get rid of dust, sand, and even pet dander. You can also connect this vacuum to an app and set designated no-go zones, and you can use it with voice assistants like Alexa. This robot vacuum comes with a Roomba S9 Plus CleanBase docking station that automatically empties the dustbin and changes the batteries.

2. Neato D7
Another popular choice on the list of the top-rated robot vacuums is the Neato D7. It costs around $600, making it comparatively more affordable. This vacuum also has a powerful suction system and can be used to sweep up bare hardwood floors as well. While it cannot pick up pet dander or pollen and doesn’t come with an automatic docking station, built-in lidar laser navigation ensures more effective mapping. You can use the Neato D7 with a remote control or link it to Alexa or Google Assistant.

3. Eufy Robovac 11S Max
One of the top-rated robot vacuums for the budget-conscious, the Eufy Robovac 11S Max is available for $227. Despite being cheaper than other robot vacuums, it has a powerful cleaning and suction system. It’s good for cleaning hardwood floors, but it can have a little trouble cleaning carpets. It also takes a lot of time to navigate the room.

4. Roborock S6 MaxV
You sometimes need to clear the clutter from the floor to let even the top-rated robot vacuums do their job. However, the Roborock S6 MaxV has found a way around this with its stereo camera and ReactiveAI navigation system. It can learn to recognize and avoid everyday objects like shoes and power cords that get in the way. This robot vacuum also functions as a mop, and it comes with a small water tank and a mopping pad to clean the floor.

You must consider several things before choosing one of these top-rated robot vacuums. Do you want a fully automatic device? Or would you be happy using a remote to control it? Also, you must check for the different cleaning modes available on the device, along with its size, which should match the layout and shape of your home. Several robot vacuums even connect to Wi-Fi and can be accessed through an app.