Hyperhidrosis is a medical condition in which the patient suffers from excessive sweating that is not related to heat or exercise. When an individual suffers from this condition, they experience extreme sweating that the sweat drips off their clothes. It is highly inconvenient as it affects the day to day activity of the individual. There can be a number of causes for this condition. Listed below are some of the common triggers for hyperhidrosis:

1. Diabetes
A person suffering from diabetes can suffer from hyperhidrosis. People suffering from Type 1 diabetes experience more sweating in the upper part of the body than the lower part of the body. The reasons for excessive sweating are low blood sugar levels caused due to diabetes.

2. Hyperthyroidism
The next common trigger for hyperhidrosis is hyperthyroidism. Men or women who suffer from hyperthyroidism can most likely suffer from hyperhidrosis. It is a medical condition in which the thyroid glands produce more than normal levels of the hormone thyroxine. Along with excessive sweating, it can cause irregular heartbeat and weight loss too.

3. Gout
Gout can be another trigger for hyperhidrosis. It is a medical condition in which there is excessive uric acid in the blood. Other symptoms include swelling, tender joints, and chronic joint pain.

4. Anxiety
People suffering from anxiety mostly suffer from this medical condition and sweat in the palms and other body parts too.

5. Alcohol misuse
The overuse of alcohol intake could lead to hyperhidrosis in some individuals. Alcohol should be consumed at a certain limit.

6. During pregnancy
Women can suffer from this particular medical condition during pregnancy. They should consult their gynecologist for the treatment of the same.

7. Spinal cord injury
If an individual suffers from spinal cord injury, he or she may also be diagnosed with hyperhidrosis.

8. Certain infections like HIV
Hyperhidrosis is also seen in people suffering from HIV. If the disease is not treated, then excessive sweating occurs in the later stages of the disease.

9. Certain cancers like Hodgkin’s disease
Hodgkin’s disease could also trigger hyperhidrosis in some individuals. This medical condition is a type of blood cancer, wherein the cancer is known to start in the lymphatic system.

10. Menopause
Up to 75% of women undergoing menopause face hyperhidrosis. The reason for this is the reduction in estrogen levels. Women experiencing perimenopause could also suffer from excessive sweating.