Water is essential for our health and well-being yet many people don’t drink enough every day. While water is readily available in our taps, getting it from a bottle can be more convenient and the water is ensured to be chemical free. Here are seven reasons why bottled water is much healthier than tap water:

1. Bottled water is purer quality
One of the main reasons people prefer bottled water is because it is purer and more hygienic than tap water. Unlike normal tap water, which can be contaminated by other substances such as chlorine and chemicals from other sources, bottled water has been tested and bottled free of any harmful additives.

2. Safer for those with chronic health conditions
Drinking water and staying hydrated reduces the incidence of urinary tract infections, diarrhea, and urinary tract stones. People suffering from any of these chronic health conditions can get a real benefit from drinking bottled water. It reduces the risk of getting health problems and keeps you safe from the chemicals in tap water. It improves bodily functions, keeps your skin clear, and can result in better bodily performance overall.

3. It tastes better
Bottled water has a better taste and contains more minerals than tap water. The taste can vary from brand to brand, but it depends on the region of origin. This is because different bottled water brands have different mineral content, and the taste can change depending on its source. It tastes better than tap water because of its mineral content and pure sourcing.

4. Convenience and portability
The fact that bottled water is portable and convenient is another advantage. Bottled water can be convenient if you want to carry your water. You can drink it on the way to work or at the office. You do not have to carry a filtration device or a reusable bottle that you will have to wash. It is portable and comes in a bottle that is recyclable so when you are thirsty you can grab a new one and throw the old one in the recycling bin.

5. Provides safe water in emergency situations
Bottled water is a great option when it comes to times of emergency. Since water is essential for your body it is good to have on hand in case of emergency. Bottled water is pure and clean, so in an emergency; you and your dependents can use it without fearing disease or illness. It is also convenient to store in case of emergency as it never spoils.

Before purchasing bottled water be sure to compare bottled water brands before making a decision. Since bottled water can be harmful to the environment due to the waste it produces, the best bottled water brands come in recyclable packaging and are ethically sourced. Just be sure to recycle your bottles in the correct recycling container!