Depression is a serious medical illness that negatively affects how one feels, thinks, and acts. It is a disorder that alters the normal lifestyle of a person, causing feelings of immense sadness, hopelessness, and a lack of interest in hobbies, friends, and social activities once enjoyed. As a result of depression, one’s day-to-day activities are hampered. The costs and types of medical treatments for depression often include:

  • Private therapy or online counseling
  • Psychotherapy programs or in patient programs at a depression treatment facility
  • Medications such as Trintellix, Valtoco, Vraylar, Levomilnacipran, Buprobion, Fetzima, and Rexulti.

Hence, the earlier the disease is diagnosed, the better it will be to manage it. Here are a few early symptoms of depression:

1. Changes in sleeping pattern
One of the foremost warning signs of depression is a change in one’s sleeping pattern. Depression can lead to a severe lack of sleep. Alternatively, sleeping more than usual can also be an early warning sign of this condition.

2. Difficulty concentrating
Difficulty concentrating is another warning sign of depression. If one is suffering from depression, then their concentration levels may not be stable. They may even start to have difficulty making decisions.

3. Fatigue
A person suffering from depression also experiences fatigue. In this state, they may feel tired almost throughout the day, regardless of the nature of the task they carry out.

4. Irritability
Depression brings about irritability in a person. They may get angry easily and with simple things too. Sometimes, they may also get violent.

5. Substance abuse
People suffering from depression, in their feeling of hopelessness, tend to move towards (excessive) alcohol, cigarette, or drug consumption.

6. Changes in appetite
Depression brings about changes in one’s appetite. It can cause one to eat more than usual or lesser, leading to either weight gain or weight loss.

7. Self-loathing and a feeling of worthlessness
People suffering from depression may start to dislike or even loathe themselves. This is combined with feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and worthlessness. They begin to judge themselves too. All optimism is lost, which is also an early warning sign of depression.

8. Rash behavior
Depressed people also tend to become careless in their behavior, which can cause them to be addicted to certain substances, drive recklessly, etc.

9. Body pain
A person suffering from this condition may start experiencing headaches, stomach pain, and muscle aches. The pain is often unexplainable.

10. Suicidal thoughts
Thoughts of suicide may occur to people suffering from depression. This feeling may be implemented too. Loved ones of those battling depression should notice all changes in their behavior to be able to encourage the person to get medical, emotional, and physical help.