Your lips are one of the first things people notice on your face, if not the first thing. The color and condition of your pout says a lot about your makeup regime. Lipsticks have the ability to transform your looks and how you feel about yourself. However, the wrong shade can disturb your whole look. Not every color works for everyone, and hence, it’s important to choose the color and texture that matches your complexion.

1. Determine your skin color
For understanding exactly what color your skin is, take a look at it in sunlight. Pay close attention to the jaw area. The light skin pales in complexion and burns easily, the medium skin tans easily, and the dark skin looks even during all seasons and doesn’t burn. Shades like light pink, coral, nude, and peach look great on light skin. A medium skin looks great with cherry red, berry, rose, and mauve. Brown and purple shades like plum, wine, and caramel match dark tones evenly.

2. Check the undertone of your skin
The lower layers of your face, including the color of the veins, reveal the undertones. Blue or purple veins mean the undertone is cool, and shades like light pink, nude, and soft mocha go perfectly depending on the skin color. Green veins mean warm undertones and the person can wear lipsticks in pale pink or peachy nudes, copper or bronze depending on the skin color. Green/blue veins are neutral undertones that make a wide spectrum of colors match perfectly.

3. Consider the shape of your lips
If you have a top-heavy lip, apply a bright lipstick on the bottom lip and a slightly darker shade of the same color on your upper lip. For the heavy-bottom lip, you can choose shades that suit your undertone or nude colors. For asymmetrical lips, use a pencil of the same shade of lipstick to outline your lips perfectly.

4. Pay attention to the size of your lips
If you have thin lips, avoid wearing dark and flashy colors since they’ll make your lips look thinner. Choose to wear glossy and creamy lipsticks to make them appear fuller. Avoid applying lipsticks that are too light and gloss and lipsticks with glitter textures for plump lips.

5. Check the shape of your face
The shape of your face plays a significant role in choosing the right lipstick. Dark and cold colors like plum, brown, and purple don’t go well with an elongated face. A round face requires shades like deep colors like dark reds or reminiscent of berries to give depth and sculpt to the face.

6. The teeth color
If you have white teeth, any color goes well for you. This includes warm colors, cold shades, neutral colors, and others. For yellowish teeth, avoid colors like purple, brown, and bright scarlet.

7. Avoid lipsticks with sticky formulas
Lipsticks with lip stains and lip glosses that tend to stick like glue are extremely difficult to apply, and they feel very uncomfortable. They can affect your smile, the way you talk, and your overall appearance. These types of lipsticks also look unnatural and nasty.