Braces are used to straighten or reposition teeth for years now. But most of these braces are either brackets made of metal or plastic. These can affect the way you eat and cause self-esteem issues, as well. But today, clear, see-through braces are gaining popularity. They are often called invisible aligners or clear braces. The benefits are many, with its discreet nature being a top advantage.

In this article, you can find several benefits of using clear aligners instead of traditional braces.

1. It looks better
The benefits of invisible braces are many, but the most important one perhaps, is its invisibility. This matters, especially if the person getting the braces is a teenager or adolescent. Regular metal braces can cause a lack of confidence. With clear aligners nobody can even notice that you’re wearing braces. It doesn’t affect a person’s looks at all.

2. No food restrictions
If you’ve got traditional wired braces, the dentist tells you to refrain from eating a particular food. Anything with a hard or sticky texture is supposed to be avoided. Chewing gum, hard candy, toffees, eclairs, etc., are some foods that people with traditional braces cannot eat. It can get stuck in the wires and become difficult to clean. The benefits of clear aligners include not having any such restrictions.

3. It’s more comfortable
Among the benefits of clear aligners, it’s virtual painlessness. Traditional braces made of metal wires and brackets use tension to pull the teeth together or reposition them. This feeling can be quite uncomfortable. There is also the risk of you hurting yourself over the jutting edges of metal wire braces. Clear aligners are more comfortable as it’s just a plastic tray. There are no sharp edges, and it doesn’t pull your teeth the way traditional braces do.

4. Easy to remove
One of the benefits of clear aligners is its easy removable design. It makes daily life easier as you can remove the braces while eating, brushing, and sleeping. The clear braces are easier to clean too. All you need to do is wash it with some toothpaste and rinse off.

5. Fewer dentist trips
Unlike traditional braces, clear aligners need maintenance only about six weeks or so. So you’re spared from making frequent trips to your dentist’s office. If you have a hectic schedule, clear aligners are a better choice any day.

6. Quick treatment
Traditional metal or plastic wire braces can take years to fix the teeth. Generally, dentists recommend keeping them for at least five years. But the benefits of clear aligners include quick solution from problems such as crossbites, overbites, crowded teeth, large gaps, and more. With clear aligners, these issues are sorted in almost a year or two, depending on your teeth.

Straight teeth are not just necessary for that picture-perfect smile but are also crucial to mouth and gum health. Having large gaps between teeth or crooked placements can cause bacteria build-up, increased plaque formation, and other dental complications. It can also get difficult to clean your teeth while brushing. Therefore, braces become necessary. The benefits of clear aligners (via companies such as Smile Direct Club) have made it the most popular choice for dentists and patients alike.